Kay is a fantastic therapist. I feel better every time I leave her sessions. She always knows exactly what I need and can put together a treatment tailored especially for me, whether I have an acute, specific problem,or just want to feel energised.

“Kay is an experienced, empathic therapist. I feel totally confident in her abilities and have felt immediate benefits on every level, after her treatments.”


Kay Scott

I am a certified Zero Balancer (Zero Balancing UK), Creative Kinesiologist (School of Creative Kinesiology), Reiki Master / Teacher and also hold a Diploma in Indian Head Massage (from the London College of Champissage) and Certificates in Tibetan Acupressure Head Massage, Ayurvedic (Yoga) Massage, Deep Massage and Soul Retrieval. I am a member of the Complimentary Therapists Association. I  practice, Biodanza, Yoga , Meditation and Wild Water swimming (well dipping really.)

Why did I become an holistic therapist?  I have always worked with people as a Librarian, Careers advisor and Personnel Manager.  Shortly after moving to Devon 40 years ago I was on my way to work in Plymouth and had stopped in a queue of traffic.  A car drove into the back of me.  At the time I was more concerned with being late for work than realising I might be injured.  I was finally persuaded to go to hospital where they said  ‘it is probably whiplash’ gave me a neck brace and painkillers.  I was subsequently given Traction and Ultra sound.  Both of which were agony made the pain in my lower back worse.  (My car by the way was written off and I was told I shouldn’t have driven it- but I needed to get to work!)). The consultant said ‘You should expect to be in a wheelchair by the time you are 40’ ( I was 30 at the time). So I gave up.

After 2 years a friend escorted me to a chiropractor who x-rayed  my whole spine and showed me the damage to my thoracic and lumbar spine and told me I only had 30% movement in my neck as well as unequal leg length and misalignment of my pelvis. I existed by having weekly chiropractic and taking strong painkillers.  The treatment helped but was very short term.

In 2000 I was persuaded to visit a holistic therapist, who listened, observed and offered gentle bodywork that released the long held pain and the emotions (mainly anger and grief) that were associated with that.  I walked easily for the first time since the accident. I decided that I needed to train so that I could help others who had travelled more conventional routes without success.

The only blip came on the last day of my Kinesiology training. The pain came back.  Sciatica, Headaches and I stopped sleeping.  A friend recommended Zero Balancing (which I had never heard of but I was willing to try anything).  As soon as the practitioner lifted my sacroiliac joint all pain disappeared.  It felt like a miracle.  During the session I could feel my body realigning.  Fritz Smith the founder of Zero Balancing was going to call the therapy ‘Fritzing’ until a client said ‘ I feel I have been taken back to Zero’.  That is exactly how I felt that my body had been taken back to the time many years before when it felt good.  When I swam everyday and walked the moors.  I qualified as a Zero Balancer on 5th November 2008.

I have chosen to train in therapies that complement each other and use a fusion of these to offer support and ease.  I work with anyone who wants to feel better and find a new way of being.  That includes those who are well but also those who are in pain, structurally or emotionally or in difficulty, energetically and nutritionally.

I liken our body to a tent,  the poles give the support but it is the guy ropes that give the shape to the tent and support the poles.  The poles are our skeleton the guy ropes our tendons and muscles.  You have to work with both.  Our  bodies consist of structure AND energy and you have to work with both.  Like a sailing yacht that will go nowhere without the wind.

WELLBEING means working with the WHOLE (holistic) body, the emotional the physical and the spiritual.

Reconnecting with our needs and feelings

While our other four senses (sight, hearing, smell, and taste) are located in specific parts of the body, the sense of touch is found all over, the hands are one of the most sensitive parts of our body.  We move our arms to express ourselves and to manipulate the outer world.  They are particularly human limbs since most other animals use their fore limbs primarily for getting around. We see the world in these five different ways; these are five ways of feeling.  Touch is the simplest fundamental basis of our awareness of being alive.  We are “touched” in our hearts by many things – a rose, a sunset, a new born baby, or love, for example.  A blind person uses touch to ‘see’ the face of another person.  We have all touched a loved one with a caress, a subtle squeeze of the hand or a gentle stroke. It is by touch that intention is relayed.

We are not as a whole a very ‘touchy feely’ sort of nation and for many touch is missing from their lives-those who live alone for instance.  Many people have experienced ‘unsafe’ touch in the form of abuse. So the quality of touch used by a therapist is really important. Touch is essential to the way we establish trust between the giver and receiver. Only when trust is present can we really let-go and reconnect to our own feelings and needs of the body, mind and spirit.

Touch has a great healing power it brings huge benefits and value to the healing process.

‘If I give attention to something without wanting it to be different that very attention has a profound transformative effect’.

Sumedho, Ajahn: Mindfulness – The Path to Deathlessness.