Spring is the season of beginning, creation.  It is a time to be open to the new and the time to clear out the past.

Your Seasonal Wellbeing

Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water 

In traditional Chinese medicine there are Five Elements and each element gives birth to the next and nourishes it by a flow of energy.  So the bracken is burnt, the ashes go into the earth and form minerals, the water flows and there is new growth.  Kinesiology is an effective methodology for balancing the energies of your meridians. Balancing your meridians with Kinesiology can improve health and wellbeing on a physical, mental and emotional levels.

Meridians are passages of energy flow located all over your body, as a kinesiologist I work with Chinese Medicine Five Element Theory, which believes that everything in the universe, including our health, is governed by five natural elements: WOOD, FIRE, EARTH, METAL and WATER. This theory underscores the Traditional Chinese Medicine understanding that human beings, both physically and mentally, are intertwined with nature.

An individual’s state of health manifests according to the balance between these Elements.

Summer – Fire

The solstice on June 21st welcomes the season of summer and the element of FIRE. The meridians associated with summer are Triple Heater, Heart Protector, Heart and Small Intestine.

The Triple Heater maintains and regulates the temperature of the body’s main sections and the person emotional temperature. It affects whether a person blows hot and cold and their ability to give warmth.

The Heart Protector is like the soldier that stands in front of the king.  It protects us from shock and hurt.  When the Heart Protector is unwell things get into our heart and hurt us easily.  If we tend to feel anxious this can come from the Heart Protector.

The Heart Meridian.  The Heart is the king.  It is the ruler of the kingdom and as such hold the space for the others to do their job.  As with any government if the king is weak the whole kingdom feels insecure and on shaky ground. For us it can feel nothing is really safe or secure.

Time to re- charge your batteries

The fire elements associated with the emotions of joy and sadness.  Excessive joy or laughter can be a sign of an imbalance.  The flavor associated with this element is bitter.  Bitter foods and herbs are seen as strengthening to the heart and small intestine.  The heart pumps 3,00 gallons of blood per day to the lungs to obtain oxygen.  The tongue is the sense organ of the heart and should be moist and pink.  If it is too red the heart energy may be too strong.  The small intestine with its large surface area works to digest food and absorb nutrients.

Summer is usually hotter and we are more active.  The diet needs to be cool and light. So raw fruit organically grown is ideal at this time of year as well as seeds nuts and grains with fewer dairy products and meat. Drink herbal teas, exercise and go for long walks.  Keep hydrated.  Ideally use filtered or spring water.  If you must use tap water boil for 15 minutes and leave for a couple of days before drinking, this takes out much of the chlorine.

Summer is a time to re-charge your batteries, keep fire balanced with water inside and out.