Spring is the season of beginning, creation.

It is a time to be open to the new and  to clear out the past.

Your Seasonal Wellbeing

Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water 

In traditional Chinese medicine there are Five Elements and each element gives birth to the next and nourishes it by a flow of energy.  So the bracken is burnt, the ashes go into the earth and form minerals, the water flows and there is new growth.  Kinesiology is an effective methodology for balancing the energies of your meridians which can improve health and wellbeing on a physical, mental and emotional levels.

Meridians are passages of energy flow located all over your body, as a kinesiologist I work with Chinese Medicine Five Element Theory, which believes that everything in the universe, including our health, is governed by five natural elements: WOOD, FIRE, EARTH, METAL and WATER. This theory underscores the Traditional Chinese Medicine understanding that human beings, both physically and mentally, are intertwined with nature.

An individual’s state of health manifests according to the balance between these Elements.

Spring – Wood

The spring season, starting with the equinox on 20th March correlated with the element of WOOD.  The meridians associated with this element are Liver and Gall Bladder.

The Gall Bladder is the meridian of judgment and vision.  It helps us to see the future with flexibility and hope. If we are having trouble with seeing things or if we are rigid in our attitudes to things this can come from the Gall Bladder. With no vision there is no hope.

The Liver Meridian is the meridian of planning and action.  It is like the general of the army who takes the information from the Gall bladder.  With this it plans what needs to be done to move forward and does it!  If we never really get thing done or procrastinate with our decisions this can come from the Liver meridian.

The Liver is the body’s largest internal organ and is the hardest working.  The Liver stores and distributes nourishment, is involved in the formation and breakdown of blood and filters toxins from the blood.  The Liver cells make bile which aids in digestion and stores bile in the Gall Bladder to be used in the breakdown of fats and enhances the small intestines ability to absorb fatty acids.

With springtime there is an opportunity to look at old pattern in your life with a new awareness.  Your body’s fuel – food, is the most important energy source for you.  The way you eat is a significant part of a healthy diet.  Always take a moment to relax before eating to prepare your body.  You should not eat when you are tense or upset or in a stressful environment.  Ideally you should not be doing anything else- that is no reading, watching TV etc.  Your posture should be balanced and upright. It is also important not to eat too late in the evening to give your Liver a rest overnight.

Breathe deeply, chew well eat only what you need and take time to digest.  A light walk after eating is ideal.

Try giving your Liver a Castor Oil poultice- it is like giving it a hug (if you are not sure where your Liver is it conforms to the underside of the diaphragm which separates the chest from the abdomen on the right side of the body.  The lower edge can often be felt under the rib cage.)  I soak a cloth in castor oil and wrap it onto my body with cling film- leaving overnight is ideal.

Eat whole foods such as fruit, vegetables, whole grains, seeds, nuts and beans.  It is easiest for us to extract energy from ‘unprocessed’ foods. Eat fewer heavier foods like meat and dairy products; avoid fried foods, alcohol and drugs.

The spring seems to be the best time for major cleansing, drinking nourishing liquids, for a period of 5- 10 days.  Let Spring give you a new enthusiasm to plant seeds and begin your own garden, this can be just planting sprouting seeds in your kitchen or growing herbs on your windowsill or a larger garden project.

Dandelion is another good springtime healer- the leaves are high in Vitamin A and are good in salads or as a tea.  The roots are a blood and kidney cleanser.

Staying Healthy through the Spring season means keeping your WOOD Element in the best possible shape.  It means giving renewed attention to your nutrition, exercise, self-awareness and self-expression.  Who are you inside? What do you need to express to feel free?  Clear out the past to create space for the future- elimination =illumination.  Maybe take a little time to write a new life plan, including how you wish to feel and what you would like to happen.

The WOOD ELEMENT is associated with the emotion of  ANGER


Gall bladder meridian: Place fingers of both hands outside your eyebrows drop to the opening of your ears take your fingers straight back about 2 inches circle forward with your fingers and drop back behind the eras.  Go forward again over your forehead back over the crown of your head and around your shoulders.  Leave your shoulders take your hands to the side of the rib cage go forward on the rib cage back on the waist forward on the hips straight down the sides of the legs and off the 4th toe.

Liver meridian: Place fingers on insides of big toes and trace up inside legs flaring out at your hips up the sides of rib cage and back underneath ribs in line with nipples.


Sit in a straddle pose, with your legs spread. Place your hands on the crease at the tops of your thighs, and gently rock from side to side several times.

Turn at the waist, facing your left leg, place your left hand on the floor, and wrap your right arm around your chest and ribs.

Inhale and raise the left arm, then stretch your body over your right leg as you exhale. Return to starting position and repeat on the opposite side. Repeat the entire sequence five times on each side.

Now, grasp your hands, inhale, raise your hands above your head, and lean forward as far as possible as you exhale. Inhale, and while still leaning forward, place your palms on the floor and move them forward, alternating right and left arms as you exhale. Repeat five times and rest.