Zero Balancing

Deep, Holistic, Supportive

Beneficial and effective, Zero Balancing will remind you how good it feels to be deeply relaxed. With gentle stretching and finger pressure at key points your tension and trauma will be released so that you can re-discover life in balance!


Gentle & Powerful

Experience techniques that will restore balance and create and sustain your health and wellbeing. Kinesiology is renowned for being able to identify and help the underlying cause of health problems that are difficult to find by any other means.

Reiki Treatments

Relaxation & Harmony

De-stress and experience a calmer response to your life’s challenges. A Reiki session can encourage deep relaxation and bring you blanace and harmony – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Promoting good health.

Reiki Training

From a Reiki Master and Teacher

Reiki First Degree, Reiki Second Degree and Reiki Master/ Teacher training in Devon.  Learn how to confer attunements and gain the knowledge and practical skills that will empower you to step into your role as Reiki Master/ Teacher with confidence and integrity.

Kay Scott

“Following my recovery from a serious injury I was motivated to train as a holistic therapist so that I could help others who had travelled more conventional routes without success.  I chose therapies that complemented each other to offer support and ease.  I work with anyone who wants to feel better and find a new way of being.  That includes those who are well but also those who are in pain, structurally or emotionally or in difficulty, energetically and nutritionally.”

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