The Prime Minister has announced that ‘Close Contact Services’ can re- open from Thursday 3rd December 2020, with some restrictions.

I am now available on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 9.30am to 6.30pm.  It is my intention to stay open through the Christmas and New Year period.

Please note appointments are being spaced further apart than usual to enable disinfection of the practice space, therapy table, equipment, and facilities.  It is therefore important that you are prompt.  Please let me know ASAP if you anticipate being late (or are unable to attend) so that we may re-schedule. Bring something to cover you if you think you may be chilly (as I cant use my lovely snuggly blankets!)

In order to comply with Covid 19 precautions for Close Contact Services there are a number of things that I need to make you aware of because it will not be possible to observe social distancing guidelines:

  • The clinic room and bathroom will have been thoroughly disinfected and all equipment sanitised.  I will be wearing personal protective equipment which includes visor, gloves, and apron.  Do not be concerned about the use of gloves, it will not affect your session.
  • You will need to sanitise your hands and remove your shoes and outdoor clothing on arrival
  • If you have a face mask please wear it but if you do not, I can provide one. The mask should be kept in place until you have exited.
  • There should be no skin to skin contact
  • Where appropriate I will have windows and doors open to increase room ventilation
  • Please bring your own pen and water if needed as I can no longer supply.
  • Payment will need to be made either by contactless payment  or by Direct Transfer . If you need to bring cash please bring it in an envelope.

To book a session email, call 01803 770 276, call or text  07816 758 107 or Whats App  – Kay Scott

Some simple tips to help your well being:


Place the pads of your fingers against your cheekbones.  Push upward and hard. Gradually push your fingers along the curve of the check bones toward your ears.  This brings blood to your face and opens the spaces that had been tense.

Lay one Hand over your opposite shoulder. Push in and pull your fingers forward over the shoulder. Do three times on each side.


When you are caught in fear, anxiety or a phobia, tapping a point on the triple warmer meridian, which governs the fight or flight response can alleviate the fear.  The next time you feel afraid………..

Start tapping on the back side of your hand halfway between your wrist and fingers, aligned with the point where your fourth and fifth fingers converge. Tap for about a minute.

If you still feel fear, tap on the other hand.